The Band: 7 Mile Isle
  1. Recorded: November 12, 2005
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  7 Mile Isle Bio:

7 Mile Isle was founded in 2002 by former members of the acclaimed University of Akron Steel Drum Band. 7 Mile Isle is the premiere steel drum band in Northeast Ohio, performing all over the state for various events. Members of the band have even traveled to Trinidad and Tobago, the home of the steel drum, and participated in Panorama. The band not only performs private bookings and many concerts, but also is on the rosters of Young Audiences of Greater Cleveland ( and Children's Concert Society of Summit County performing educational programs in schools.

"Just Now" is 7 Mile Isle's first recording, featuring original music composed by members of the band. The steel drum is a relatively new instrument, only about 50 years old, and has very little original repertoire. The songs are in a variety of Caribbean styles, ranging from soca and calypso, to reggae and cha-cha. The cd and booking information can be found at and

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