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  1. Gabriel's Harp
    Recorded: 2006-04-04
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Gabriel's Harp was started in 1996. Founding members met in church and just started playing Contemporary Christian music together. They have performed at a number of teen and youth events throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. They were part of Word Entertainment's [one] CD project, which also featured Rachael Lampa, Sixpence None the Richer, the Ragamuffins and Aaron Neville, among others.

Gabriel's Harp has participated in music ministry for a number of World Youth Day events, beginning with Journeť Mondiale de la Jeunesse in 1997 through 2005 World Youth Day Events in Germany.

The band performed for opening and closing ceremonies at World Youth Day events in Rome in 2000, toured with the Ragamuffins, opened for Michael W. Smith at Dodger Stadium and co-wrote the international version of the Official World Youth Day 2000 song, Emmanuel, with Italian friends Marco Mammoli, Marco Brusati, Massimo Versaci and Mauro Labellarte.

Gabriel's Harp recently re-recorded Emmanuel for a CD being sold in France called Compil' INXL6, featuring Christian musicians from both the States and Europe.
They were honored to perform at Severance Hall last year.
"When we become true servants I feel that God calls us to a certain path. Usually, we are lead to adventures we would never have dreamed of," says Rebecca Harper, a native Clevelander, attended Kent State University with a double major in piano performance and composition.  Rebecca is currently serving in Music Ministry at St. Francis of Assisi in Gates Mills, St. Clare in Lyndhurst and St. Joseph in Mantua. She's the only "married, with children" member of the band.
I truly feel blessed, like I have the best of both worlds. I am able to work in music, and serve the church. Since coming to work St. Joseph, I have met so many wonderful people of faith. It truly inspires me to see such a community." So says Liam Davies, also a native Northeast Ohioan, who attended Kent State University, receiving his degree in music in 2001. In January, 2004, Bill began a Master's program at Cleveland State. He's currently the Music Director at St. Joseph Church in Mantua.
Other band members inlude bassist Chris Lopez and drummer Zach Fierman, both seniors at Hudson High School. Zach's first love is jazz, and he's been playing the drums since he was small. Chris has been active in Youth Ministry in Hudson for a number of years.
Previous Gabriel's Harp member Chris Telzerow, has gone on to accomplish other musical projects. He's currently the Music Director at St. Francis of Assisi and says Rebecca, "We talk nearly every day and still collaborate on a few music projects."
Gabriel's Harp's backup singers are James Burrington and Jessica Hammond.



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